Improve Your Gas Mileage

Taking care of your car and keeping it in top operating shape can save you money at the pumps. Stop in and let us show you how simple maintenance of your car can save you money on gas.

Tips on Improving your gas milage:

Have your car properly tuned: Haven’t had your car tuned up in a while? A properly tuned car can get 4% better fuel milage than a car that is due for a tune up.

Change your air filter: A dirty air filter can block air from entering your engine. A new air filter can improve fuel milage by 10% over a clogged filter.

Clean your mass air flow sensor: Your mass air flow sensor measures air velocity which the computer uses to determine the proper air/fuel mixture. The MAF sensor gets dirty over time with debris, oil, dust, and pollen this causes inaccurate measurements of intake air flow which results in a rich running engine, loss of power, and excess emissions. This robs power from your engine and milage from your fuel. Have your mass air flow sensor cleaned with every new air filter.

Keep tires properly inflated: Under inflated tires can cost you up to 3% off your fuel milage.

Come in now and let us optimize your vehicle’s fuel economy.


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